Functional Medicine In Humble

Functional Medicine-Holistic Natural Healing


Address The Root Cause


No Band Aids- Short Term Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations To Heal As Well As Long Term Recommendations For Maintenance Are Prescribed.


Personalize Your Journey With Our Check Medical Scan, Hrv, Detailed History Of Medical Conditons, As Well Mental Emotional And Childhood History.


Mental Emotional And Spiritual Is Where True Root Cause Healing Happens, And We Address That On First Session.

Whether You Want To:

  • Optimize your wellness
  • Transitioning to a more Holistic lifestyle
  • Improve feeling of ill-health
  • Heal naturally from chronic diseases.

This is for people who want to move more in a holistic natural way of of taking care of themselves, which is more in alignment with our physical bodies, and better for long term health.

  • People who are tired of trying everything online and protocols and packages, when they want to know what they can do that will actually work for them.
  • People who are stuck in chronic disease phase and do not feel 100% and want to feel better.
  • People who are interested in healing the root cause of the issues and addressing it naturally.

Here, we take everything into consideration, to really get to the root cause and give full plans for it. Our approach is different, it is not just pills and supplements, or handouts. “One man’s meat, can be another man’s poison” we help you find your meat, your poison. So for instance, stress is the underlying cause, how are you responding that creates this issue in your body, and recommend supplements and therapies, while tending to lifestyle and nutrition that needs to be optimized or changed, and giving specific long term recommendations and in-clinic teaching for mental/emotional wellness to address it.

A Full Doctor visit

Check Medical Scan & HRV ( see link to Bioenergetics)

Blood & Urine testing

Customized Nutrition plan

Customized Movement Plan

Customized Mental Emotional Practices

Supplements, Homeopathics…

In-clinic therapies.

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