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Esi Okpetu

The office has a soothing ambience and the Dr was very attentive. After listening to my concerns for my legs he proceeded to perform a body scan with the machine (don’t remember what it’s called) and made a couple of recommendations regarding my diet, exercise and lifestyle. Thanks!

Sayda Dadkhah

Visiting Dr. G has greatly helped to alleviate my lower back pain. He has used a combination of cupping and acupuncture to help with this. Along with other treatments. It is like a factory reset! I walk out feeling brand new. I enjoy my visits because the pain and tension go away. He is very knowledgeable and has the magic touch truly, and I appreciate my visits. I am thankful to have found him and hope that if someone is on the fence to alternative therapy in treating any pain, they try this.

Deanna Mitchell

Dr G is a very professional, educated and informed individual providing holistic and comprehensive care. On more than one occasion, he has been able to successfully identify and treat pain or injured areas allowing me to quickly and safely resume functional training. I would highly recommend his skill, knowledge and professionalism if you’re looking to recover, pain relief or injury prevention.

Leslie Adanna

This was one of the best experiences I have had at a doctors office. Dr. Obuaya Was so good he used a machine that does a scan of your whole body and we went over everything in the scan, he even provided a plan to help me address my issues which was good as well as some preventative measures! I highly suggest you go there and see what the good doc can do for you. Even if you think you are healthy!

Bimpe Og

Dr. Obuaya enlightened me with holistic health practices that have profoundly improved my overall well-being. His comprehensive approach to treatment, integrating both physical and wellness strategies, demonstrates a commendable dedication to his patients’ long-term health. I am truly grateful for the educational experience, as Dr. Obuaya’s advice has empowered me to make healthier choices and maintain my physical health outside of our sessions. His passion for educating and helping patients achieve their best possible state of health is genuinely inspiring. For anyone seeking a knowledgeable and caring physical therapist who will provide more than just treatment, I

Marquise Shelton

Hands down – THE BEST experience you’ll find from a physical therapist and/or massage ! Dr G has magic in his hands and will fix any ache or pain ! HIGHLY recommended.

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