Intuitive Health Reading

The basis of medical intuition is that the body and the biofield hold information pertaining not only to physical imbalance, but also to emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.

Medical intuition is designed to bring the underlying energetic causes and drivers of illness, imbalance and disease to conscious awareness, to help promote wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. As you will discover, this invaluable skill is intended to provide a comprehensive, whole-person context for health. We are all intuitive, I am sure you sometimes get a sense of something being wrong, have an insight that winds up turning up to be true, suspect a loved one is not doing well… Well, that is part of being human, we have the left brain for intuition. Medical Intuitive may usually have this heightened as a child, like I did, just like some kids have a knack for speaking, or spatial intelligence or a high IQ. As a medical intuitive, one has taken steps to allow their higher intuitive faculties emerge fully and use it to hone in to use as a healing guidance tool.

A Full Medical Intuitive Reading considers all aspects of wellness; the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.  Medical Intuition is the art of knowing and using information from the body’s energetic system as a tool to gather insightful wisdom and information, that assist in shifting, changing, healing or furthering you on your journey.  Medical intuition is a skill of intuitive observation and assessment using a system of expanded perception gained through the development of the human sense of intuition. It focuses on in-depth intuitive scanning designed to obtain information from both the physical body systems and the biofield. Medical intuition is intended to identify and assess energetic patterns in both the physical body systems and the biofield that may correspond to illness, imbalance and disease. Medical intuition is designed to address the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and how they may impact the health and wellbeing of an individual.

We are deeply interested in knowing what our bodies really want for optimal health and balance. Medical intuition offers patients and clients the potential to gain greater personal awareness and insight, and to become a partner in their own wellness journey. For the healthcare professional, medical intuition offers the opportunity to deliver fast, pertinent intuitive health assessments for a cost-effective targeted approach to a patient or client’s concerns. Most importantly, medical intuition can help unlock the door to relevant and profound breakthroughs when people aren’t healing, despite best efforts. “How do doctors use their intuition? To find out, one study investigated real cases of physician intuition. Eighteen family medicine doctors were interviewed about their intuitive decision-making processes with patients. Their responses were sorted into three different types of intuitions: “gut feelings,” which triggered a sense of alarm that spurred them to take action; “recognitions,” decisions made in the face of conflicting information or a lack of evidence; and “insights,” occurring as a rapid flash of inspiration that connected the dots to a correct diagnosis when no symptom interpretation was obvious.

Although traditional thinking warns doctors not to trust their intuition, the researchers pointed out, “Physicians reported only 7 cases for which their intuitions turned out to be incorrect,” and came to the conclusion, “There cannot be a simple, catchall directive to physicians to avoid intuition.”- Excerpt from Todays – by Wendy Coltier

What does this entail?

All that is needed to begin is your full name, age, address. Email for contacting you, to book time and date of the session. We then discuss and explore the energy and readings deeper via zoom or in-person- usually 45minutes to 1hr session. During an Intuitive Health Assessment reading, a thorough energetic scan of your physical and energetic bodies, based upon your symptoms and designed to detect imbalances in both on a deep, intuitive level.  I will share findings and questions with you, in order to examine more deeply the sources of these imbalances and provide insights into healing mind, body and spirit. It highlights emotional blocks, mental patterns that are creating loops of illhealth in the body, it also brings to light organs and systems being disturbed.

These readings do not provide a medical diagnosis and are intended to get to the root cause of an issue that usually stems from deeper levels in our energic system (mental/emotional and even spiritual), they serve as a great complement for true healing when this is added to other therapies for healing, health and wellness.

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