Brain/Mood Balancing In Humble

Brain and Behavioral Health

Everyone’s normal is different, what has been issued as the normal dose for vitamins is different for everyone. Some people may need more B vitamins or more of a specific type of B vitamins to help their mood, and some may need high levels of zinc to prevent chronic diseases or to even heal from it. These therapies have been proven to help mental health issues, anxiety , depression, even bipolar disorder as well as help prevent and heal chronic diseases, more effectively when the brain is balanced, so the body functions properly and responds better to stress.

This therapy helps identify your unique needs, not just from blood work, but certain traits and characters within you, or some of which may actually run in the family seen as a family trait, but is a vitamin and/or mineral imbalance. Infact, this has been seen in a lot of cases of breast cancer, and other chronic gut diseases.

We have specialized lab testing, and customize your vitamin and minerals accordingly with your unique compounded prescription.
Brain Balancing also includes:

  • Customized & Compounded Vitamin/Mineral Prescription
  • In-clinic Bioresonance therapy for emotional balance
  • In-clinic Audio color therapy and neurofeedback therapy
  • Customized plans with in-clinic
  • Customized mental emotional exercise
  • Breathwork therapy
  • Customized Movement plans
  • Cardio, wt training, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga.
  • And more…

Most behavioral issues inattention, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Depression, etc can be ameliorated via this more wholistic approach.