Wellness Offer of the Month

Wellness Offer of the Month

May 23, 2022

Get 10% off, when you sign up for any of our plans.
Why? People are on the usual wave of summertime coming in and want to get tuned up, lose weight, feeling better, more alive, well and happy in their bodies.

I’m thinking more long-term health and wellness and most especially this coming winter and how the pandemic will play out.

See, when you heal naturally and want to boost your wellness, all aspects of yourself will benefit, and so this month, let’s focus on resetting your metabolism.

It’s not just about taking one drug or one supplement or a special drink?

It’s about figuring out why your metabolism has changed and what you need to do to get it back into balance.

Our plans are specific to your current state of health, and integrate natural healing and science-based therapy in our Bioenergetics area.

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