Substitute wraps with Seaweed Rolls.

Substitute wraps with Seaweed Rolls.

June 10, 2022

SEAWEED ROLLS w/ cucumbers, sweet peppers with masala and vegan ranch dipping sauce.
Filling is a Stir-fried Rice substitute (😉 less carbs), pea protein crumbles and minced veggies. It was 😋
Kids now love seaweed wraps.

Why ?
Iodine [ ➕️ significantly lowers calories]

Thyroid function

Why ?
Thyroid helps regulate the metabolism, aids weight mgt. It needs iodine to function well.

Did you know Hypothyroidism is now so common in the U.S., and even affects children.
Iodine deficiency starts before low blood levels are detected, so your metabolism could already be low and your Thyroid blood levels may be normal. I have been there.
Signs of Thyroid Imbalance:
Difficulty losing weight
Memory problems
Learning disorders in kids
Thinning hair, etc.

Benefits of Iodine:

Optimizes body’s metabolism and energy levels
Boosts Immunity
Prevents thyroid enlargement
Prevents Impaired development &growth in kids, etc.

Did you know seaweed can have from 11 to over 1,000% of daily Iodine. You do not need a lot to get a good dose of Iodine.

How do you keep your thyroid functioning well ?

•Detox, toxins & heavy metals.
• Take in natural sources of Iodine regularly. Do not wait for physicals and labwork. That’s Wellness!

Hypothyroidism is becoming an issue even for kids, and can contribute to learning disorders. So consider adding some iodine naturally to their diet is a great idea.
Another way to get some natural Iodine regularly – KELP.
Use kelp seasonings, sub out salt, it tastes even better Or I get dried kelp leaves, and use it in soups and other dishes.

Make sure you get Iodine regularly in your diet.

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