Start your Detox Journey the right way!

Start your Detox Journey the right way!

October 5, 2021

Start your Detox Journey the right way!
Be Aware of your breath…
How you breathe is how you live ?

Even as you read this, if you probably thought, “Well, we all breathe 🤷🏾‍♀️!”
You probably take a lot of seemingly simple but immensely important things in life for granted! And take less important things and make them priority in your life.

That makes your life much harder.
I am all about making your life EZier.
Tune in.

When you wake up in the morning:
If you jump up, ready to roll, rushing for work, mind already racing with a to-do-list, ready to exercise, reaching for coffee like its your savior in life, etc, (when your breathing is more important) you just switched on your sympathetic nervous system in stress mode, now the body is always ready for stress and not in a healing/detox mode.

Breathing optimally helps shift us out of inflammatory states. In the morning as you rise, you have a great opportunity to tap into your body’s innate healing system and moving into a more balanced state of healing and detoxification.

Become conscious of how you breathe.
How you inhale and exhale ? Are both your nostrils open ? Or is one blocked ? How shallow or deep are your breaths ? How long is your inhale vs exhale ? Is your body still tired ? Are you yawning ?

Take some time to become aware of your breath, slow it down, make it less noisy, relax, feel that calmness – activate the relaxation/parasympathetic mode, put your body in a healing, detox state.

And respond from that mode during your day, everytime you feel the need to react, COME BACK TO YOUR BREATH.

Different breathing exercises can be done depending on the state your mind & body. I can help you with that.
Go to my website, schedule a free 15min consult.
Start your detox journey the right way from the basics of the breath!

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