Dr. Eneze Obuaya

Dr. Eneze Obuaya

Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Eneze Obuaya, M.D. is a unique mix of board-certified medical doctor Anesthesiologist, functional medicine trained practitioner, Certified medical intuitive, Energy medicine practitioner, practicing via the use of metaphysics, Spiritual Guide, a Breathwork Practitioner, a Certified yoga instructor and fitness enthusiast who brings all her experience and expertise together to work harmoniously for health and healing.

She graduated medical school from the University of Connecticut medical school and received her Anesthesiology specialty training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She completed functional medicine training from the Institute of functional medicine.

A metaphysics correspondence understudy from the School of Metaphysics, a Certified Medical Intuitive from the International College of Medical Intuition, Breathwork Practitioner and more. Bringing together modern day natural functional medicine, new age technologies with Bioresonance and other energy healing tools, holistic practices with Biomagnetism and biological medicine bridging the gap with ancestral wisdom of healing, divinations and mind-body-soul-Spirit connections with a mission to evolve the culture of illness, disease and sick care to one of assisting the body to heal itself and empowering people through mind body soul practices to incorporate Spirit into their healing and wellness for a truly transformative and vibrant life – which ultimately will lead the world to be a place of wellness.

As an anesthesiologist, I would see patients come in with all sorts of ailments and be able to see and understand how they got there mentally, physically and emotionally and I knew my path had to change because I knew I could help them unravel things, and aid them on getting on a path to not just a better health, but on a life path that is created for and by them. I have always been sensitive and empathic, even as a child… Having my own kids and seeing the developmental issues western medicine attempted to label them with brought me back to my center/my blueprint, my gifts as a child and my passion for connecting and healing. My path healed my children and there has been no going back, as I now know and understand where my puzzle fits into the collective to tip the balance with the direction health care is moving towards and help medicine evolve.