Perioperative Health Assessment In Humble

Receive Care Before and After Surgery

First-Time Patient?

Free 15 minute Consultation

Would you like to see what your chances are to avoid surgery or other procedures?


Recommendations, Labs, Antioxidant scan and natural supplements as needed before and after surgery.


Full review of medical history and records,


Assessment of lifestyle habits, weight management, diet, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, toxin exposures, etc.


Assess need for detox, probiotics and other antioxidants to optimize healing and boost wellness to higher levels.

List of Covered Disorders

Allergies • Diabetes • Hypertension • Obesity • Fatigue • Cardiovascular disease • Chronic pain • Digestive disorders • Stress-related conditions • Autoimmune disorders • Arthritis • Insomnia/sleep • Fibromyalgia • Eating disorders Cancer prevention • Detox plans • Natural path to pain management • Stress-related conditions • Attention issues • Healthy Weight Management • Sports/Athletic performance optimization • Physical Mobility Improvement

Natural Path to Pain Management

I believe the most effective way gain back vibrant health is to address dis-ease at all levels, mental and emotional and not just physical. Have you seen two people with exactly the same disease, take the same medications, but find that one gets better and the other does not ? Well, that’s what I address when I work with you.