Medical Audiocolor In Humble

The Med Audiocolor is one of the first of its kind. It’s a mobile,self-therapy device that combines the benefits of both biofeedback and neuro feedback therapy into an interactive projection of thoughts that activates and trains both sides of the brain.

Real Time Neuro feedback Therapy

An entirely new method for self-therapy, the Med Audiocolor is a biofeedback device designed to activate and train both sides of the brain.

Reveals Thoughts as Colors and Sounds

Using two electrodes, it’s possible to show thoughts as colors and sounds, then direct them according to the chosen training program. The result is shown in real-time as 3D animations with changing colors, training levels, and acoustic perceptions.

Holistic Benefits

With the Med Audiocolor and it’s array of strategically designed training programs, it is possible for the patient to:

  • Measurably increase the imagination.
  • Promote physical, emotional and mental relaxation.
  • Improve overall concentration
  • Enhance ability to meditate.
  • Increase Life Enjoyment for a Range of Patients.

The device offers a wide array of different programs that assist mental imbalances and improve overall performance. The device is suitable for all ages, enjoyed by both children, teenagers, grownups, and seniors alike. With this revolutionary method, it is possible to permanently increase and sustain the joy of life in your patients. Even in a clinical setting, the application is marked with success to the point where pharmaceutical products can be dropped entirely.