Surgical Prevention/Pre&Post Op Care

Would you like to see what your chances are to avoid surgery or other procedures?

Whether your goal is to

  • prevent surgery or a procedure,
  • to optimize your health
  • before the procedure so you do well during the procedure and recover well, or to optimize your recovery process and even reducing scarring.

This Involves

  • Full review of medical history and records.
  • Check Medical & HRV Scan for whole body and organ imbalance and body’s response to stress, especially important for pre-surgery.
  • Assessment of lifestyle habits, weight management, diet, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, toxin exposures, etc.
  • Recommendations, Labs, and natural supplements as needed before and after surgery.
  • Assess need for detox, probiotics and other antioxidants to optimize healing and recovery. In clinic therapies IV infusion, Neural therapy injections, Bioresonance therapies, and other detox protocols as needed.