My lil” munchkin… ASCENSION is a spiral

My lil” munchkin… ASCENSION is a spiral

October 7, 2021

My lil” munchkin…
ASCENSION is a spiral

Remember Healing is a Journey.
My purpose is to help you find more clarity in your journey and facilitate your healing process, on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally and especially Spiritually.

The transformation is yours, Some journeys we need to take alone.

Always remember you are also a Spirit, always guided and supported if we allow ourselves to be open to receive.

Learn to clear your mind, detox all that you do not need anymore:
– Attitudes
– Beliefs
– Excessive worry, and thinking
– Blame games
– Always complaining
– The need to control everything
– Old patterns learned from trauma
– Inflammatory foods, processed foods, excessive animal protein, High sugars in forms of gluten, grains, white flour, breads, pasta, etc, alcohol, mind-altering substances – all are usually substitutes for spiritual hunger and fulfillment we crave.etc

Allow your Spirit and Body to be open for the new, let it go.
– More sunlight
– Spend time in nature
– Drink clean structured mineralized water
– Epsom salt baths
– Breathe some good oxygen in a place with lots of natural green plants
– Appreciate the Sky and Clouds
– Be still, open and relax
-Gratitude, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Love
Let the rat race keep going, it’s an illusion, you choose when and how you want to race or not!

Embrace the new you, let go of the old so you have more clarity with your needs and healing journey, more success for true fulfillment on your journey.
Avoid jumping on other people’s healing journeys because you think it will work for you. It might, but be clear on yours 1st.
Make your journey EZier.

You are a Spirit in a body, our innate power and healing capacity is already within. Just detox, peel off layers, unlearn all that is holding you back. Embrace your Higher self that is waiting for you to acknowledge its presence within you.

I am here if you need me.
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