September 14, 2021

Tuesday Tip

Grilled Jackfruit/Pea-protein wraps (coconut meat wraps).
No, I’m not going to call it chick’N!!! 😏
It was Kid-approved! Yum! 😋

Plant based substitutions, esp fresh raw plants, and less processed foods help with process of detoxification. You do not have to juice. Heavier meat-based foods, weigh the body down, and can hinder detoxification.

When people make wraps, it’s usually easy to put healthy substitutions inside, but how about the wrap itself.
I love these coconut meat wraps by nuco.

Coconut meat wraps (only 4gm net carbs, 70 calories per wrap)
Simple Ingredients ✔
Gluten free ✔
Dairy free ✔
Nongmo ✔
Organic ✔
Soy free ✔

Online on ✔

Try to make changes to your meals one step at a time.

I bought these pea protein crumbles over a month ago, with no idea what I would do with them. And I wanted more protein than Jackfruit would offer, as I use those for my chicken substitute some days. So Voila!!

Then today, as Thunderstorms in Houston has kiddos and me at home, and kids usually go “Mummy, I want something different today!”🤨😉😏 any weekday they can catch mama at home!

And my daughter read about how certain animals became and are becoming extinct from hunting. She said she didn’t want any animal products today🤷🏾‍♀️.

Make a healthy plant-based or vegan substitution today. Even better, go vegan or plant-based at least once or twice a week.

Have fun.

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