Med Matrix

Removing the problem at the source is the first step toward holistic wellness. 

Specialized Regeneration and Detoxification Methods

The connective tissue structures in our body serve to supply and detox our body and its organs. All substances and pathogens are passing this structure and leave their traces. Toxins and other pollution prevent an effective regulation. That is why Med Matrix therapy can be used here for countermeasures. Med Matrix therapy has a duration of 20 minutes and works synergistically with 3 methods. The soft connecting tissue within the body – called the “matrix” is also deeply detoxified and organ cells rejuvenated in these three methods.

Effects Can Be Felt Immediately

Direct current treatment is for changing the tissue’s polarization to remobilize chained electrons. Petechial suction massage removes with vacuum massages toxins from the body and stimulates the movement of lymphatic pathways significantly. Simultaneously bio-resonance is locating harmful toxins to neutralize their traces permanently.

Long Term Results and Benefits

Med Matrix therapy is the most efficient way for restoration of the human organism’s regulation ability. After only 4-6 sessions, results become visible and the body regains its innate self-healing ability. Med Matrix allows the body to focus on health, prevent future outbreaks and to remain healthy longer.

De checking patient back bone