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Unlock optimal health with The Med Matrix’s Bioenergetics Lab

Unlock The Power Of Bioenergetics

Latest research in the field of Neuroscience, Psycho-neuro-endo immunology, and Epigenetics has helped us increasingly understand that human body is fundamentally an Energy and Information system. From walking and talking to breathing or simply sleeping, everything we do requires a natural flow of energy and information through our living system. When this flow is interrupted or out of balance, it can result into a range of complex health conditions. It’s an obvious corollary that this balance when restored can also have a huge therapeutic effect.

At Bioenergetics Lab, we work with you to unravel this mystery of energy flows through your body via detailed analysis and use that knowledge to positively impact your health.


Using a combination of innovative technologies, we help you restore the natural balance of energy and enable healthy living.

Bio Impedance Suite/ Check Medical Scan

Using Check Medical Sport and Test Expert Plus, we conduct a detailed Bio-Impedance Analysis to check the status of overall health, presence of acute and chronic inflammation foci, allergens, and test for presence of over 5000 substances. These tests often take less than 30 mins and are tremendously helpful in identifying root causes of different health conditions.

Heart Rate Variability

Analysing the exact changes between successive heartbeats can give valuable insights into your nervous system, stress response, and recovery activity. Our Bioenergetics experts help you use these insights to make better health, nutrition, training, and recovery decisions.

Bio Resonance Suite / Med Select

Bio Resonance healing stimulates self-healing and regulation capacity of the body enabling excellent outcomes for chronic illnesses. Using this therapy, it is also possible to neutralize toxins already present in human body.

Matrix Regeneration

This technology is employed to detoxify the body and accelerate tissue/ cell regeneration process. Our Bioenergetics experts use Med Matrix to leverage this approach. This allows us to combine magnetic field therapy, suction therapy, micro current, and systems information therapy in the same session!

Brain Entrainment Technology / Audio Color & Neurofeedback

This cutting-edge technique produces therapeutic effects similar to regular meditation and mindfulness-based practices and is an excellent tool for brain optimization and wellness. We use Brain Tap, LED Light Therapy, Audio Color therapy, and Real time Neuro Feedback devices to support and nurture the performance of the larger cognitive systems as a whole.

Ionic Foot Bath Detox

This takes the patient’s natural detoxification system to the next level. While the buildup of toxins is mostly unavoidable, the maintenance of the body’s toxins can lead to an increase in wellness. The detox foot bath is effective, and inoffensive way of stimulating and balancing the bio-energetic fields of the body, facilitating better organ function and auto-detoxification.