Check Medical Scan

A New World of Diagnostic Insights

Check Medical Sport provides diagnostics on the basis of bio-impedance analysis (BIA). Generating results in less than 8 minutes, the check medical sport stimulates the whole body with electric impulses by applying electrodes and dividing it into 7 segments using a completely automatic program.

Fully Automated Diagnosis

Reports uncover the bodies ability to regulate organ functionality. The graphical evaluation allows conclusions on toxins or exogenous disorders. The machine considers the connections between muscles and organs, which allows unique insights on the state of muscles and their structure as well as their optimal capacity.

Expert Recommendations for Athletes

The machine offers personalized recommendations in the patients training routine and nutritional habits, which will likely lead to increased performance, energy retention and a higher stamina. In addition, the check medical sport is especially suited for preventive measures which is highly beneficial for performance athletes and the general populous alike.