Check Medical Scan


Check Medical Sport provides diagnostics on the basis of bio-impedance analysis (BIA). Generating results in less than 8 minutes, the check medical sport stimulates the whole body with electric impulses by applying electrodes and dividing it into 7 segments using a completely automatic program.

Check Medical Scan- based on Bio resonance, and the body’s response to the impulses, gives a lot of information on organs that are energetically out of balance, that can shed more like on root cause of issues.

– Identifies organs that are out of balance

– Acidic levels in the body.

– Energy Reserves ( so we know how much energy the body has for healing and regulation).

– Gut Health

– Toxins, and the need for detox.

– Bodys metabolism

– Microbial balance

– Nervous system stress, and much more.

Fully Automated Diagnosis

The Report uncovers the bodies ability to regulate organ functionality. The graphical evaluation allows conclusioms on toxins or exogenous disorders.

Expert Recommendations for Athletes

How do you expect an injury to heal or to perform better, if your gut health is impaired – when you need to absorb vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein and even collagen ?

How do you heal efficiently if the body’s nervous system is not well balanced, and so the ability to regenerate is impaired ?

How will the body heal itself and function optimally when it is overloaded with toxins, that get in the way of it functioning efficiently.

This allows for a more thorough evaluation and treatment for our patients that are coming in for Physical therapy and/or musculoskeletal ailments- one that allows more treatment so that actual cellular regeneration and healing can occur, hence truly preventing recurrent injuries, and enhancing the performance capabilities of the body, as  we treat not just one joint or muscle- but the entire body as our system will show how connected this all is.

Modern Equipment