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Intuitive Healing & Functional Medicine Consultants in Humble, TX

Individualized Intuitive Healing Approach to Health & Wellness

Ez-Living M.D./DPT Intuitive Healing & Functional Medicine Consultants

Individualized Intuitive Healing Approach to Health & Wellness

Welcome to EZ Living MD

We believe that all health conditions are the result of imbalances in body’s unique self-regulatory system. We work with you to understand what is causing the imbalance and address it accordingly. We feel well and healthy, when we follow our intuition and stay attuned to our soul’s path, and our physical health is defined by our mind, soul and bodies’ relationship with the environment and self expression.

How can we stay attuned to our life’s purpose, our soul path, and live life fully when our bodies, both energetic and physical” do not feel well. This is what Ez-LivingMD is about, life is EZ (easy) when we are attuned to our soul and higher path in life, let us guide you to getting there and truly living and enjoying the journey.

At EzLivingMD, we seek to accomplish this by accessing each person’s unique intuitive healing path and integrating it with time-tested healing wisdom and the best of innovative health care technology and modalities. We believe that human beings are a living system of interconnected physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. When the human body is functioning optimally, it is a magnificent, self-regulating bio-system of mind, body, and spirit. Our philosophy is that to support such an intelligent dynamic system, any illness cannot be treated simply by suppressing symptoms, rather the focus must be to support the whole healing journey of the individual human being. 

Bioenergetics: Your Energy Reflects Your Health

Your bodily functions and systems all require a quality consistent flow of energy to function properly. If you feel “off” or are out of balance, it could very well be because of the way energy is currently flowing through your body. With innovative technology, EZ Living can help you to restore your natural balance and get you back to where you need to be to enable healthy living.

Individualized Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is an individualized, holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on understanding the root cause of illness. It considers all aspects of a person’s health, including lifestyle, environment, diet, genetics and emotional well-being. Functional medicine attempts to identify any imbalances or underlying conditions that may be causing symptoms and addressing them with the most appropriate treatment options. The goal is to address the causes instead of treating just the symptoms for lasting health results and increased patient satisfaction.


Creating a Natural Treatment Plan That Works For You

Every patient journey with us is unique. Depending upon the complexity of the health condition, it may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to achieve the intended results. However, the core principles that shape all our treatment plans remain the same.

“Where do I start ?”

Keep in mind, when healing naturally, it is a journey, not a magic bullet, and depending on how long you have been dealing with any issues, it may take 3 to 6 months and in some cases for issues longer than 2 years, may take over a year.

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