Think your allergies are only from pollen, dust, or something else specific you tested for ?

Maybe, but Most likely not…
Especially if they keep getting worse.

Other things could impact it, esp toxins in foods. Whether you have allergies or not, I’m sharing EWG guide for dirty dozen in 2022.

You can

• Stick with mostly organic foods.

• Visit your local Farmer’s markets, like @fallcreekfarmersmarket and @bayareafarmersmarket and be sure to ask how they grow their produce.
•  Or even grow your own foods.

If your allergies are acting up this season, please visit

It’s usually gut-related and/or cellular detox is needed.
For example, your Liver, one of the major detox organs may be sluggish from high cholesterol, eating junk fatty foods, etc, or your lymphatic system another detox system may be slow, sluggish.. or heavy metal toxins may be slowing your system down, I could go on and on, or your immune system needs a boost with our customized IV vitamin treatments.

As humans, we do naturally detox, but not this level of toxins we are being overloaded with today.

A little help is needed and regular deep detoxes have always been part of our ancestors way of living, aka, fasting.

It’s just that we are dealing with different types of pollution and contaminants today.

Come visit us to find out more about our deep cellular energetic detoxes, that utilizes energy and frequencies directly to body and cells to facilitate deep cellular detoxification.
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