Tuesday Tip

As you shop and make Thanksgiving feasts, do not sabotage your health and wellness goals when you want to stay gluten-free.

The issue with gluten free trend, is most things that are used as substitutes can be just as inflammatory or even worse for the body.
Like all the fried “vegan” stuff going on๐Ÿ˜‡

These 2 examples,
One is great with almond flour, real and small # of ingredients, 12grams carbs and no chemical sounding names.

2nd one is substituted with potato flour, brown rice flour, corn meal and carb content is 45grams!!! These esp at this amount are highly inflammatory, raise blood sugar levels, fluctuate hormones, go against your weight loss or maintenance plans, and these can cause MOOD imbalances, as it also inflames the brain, these simple sugars and high carbs disrupt gut bacteria, cause sugar and insulin balance in the body, cause stress on the body.

You want substitutes that are low carb, less inflammatory and toxic than these substitutes. These ingredients need to be minimal. 1 serving at 45grams of carbs is too much.

As a society, we are convinced certain foods have to be made a certain way, even when it’s not healthy for you. These foods may bring temporary or superficial pleasure, the deeper consequences for your body and ultimately your state of mind are not healthy, and run contrary to the idea of Thanksgiving.

How do you thank yourself, your body and respect the Temple you were given ? Spirituality is that simple, just deep.

One ๐Ÿ’—


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